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Operation mode

Operation Model
Guohai integrates creatively the business model of the China health industry capital operation-GST business model. You will be not only the blazer of commercial channels, but also the participator in profit.
Business Model Building the purpose of "quality goods with low price" and choosing the UK-GST United Board as an operating carrier, GST model is a new health industry business model with the industry resources integration, the supply chain optimization and capitalization operation. Its systematic generalization can be divided into five big modules with "a foundation", "two projects", "three implementations" four systems ", "five guarantees" .
A foundation: trustment
GST business model is operated with the construction of trust. It chooses optimization of upstream supplier qualification as its breakthrough point. It gains the customers' trust by the good product effect and makes value identity platform between the suppliers and sellers which is because the upstream suppliers who can grasp the principle of healing functional medicine well.
Two projects: customer project and marketing project
The goals can be achieved by the design in all commercial behaviors. The design is also the project. GST model accepts and extends this view. For one thing, it starts pre-sale model based on product experience. The company will arrange production schedule according to customers’ demand. The model can avoid the overstocking of inventory and the trouble of cash flow by the agents. For another, each seller is a user, they can strengthen confidence with the product experience and their changes. Ultimately, they will set the goal and decompose it to get a high performance effectively.
Three implements: terminal training, product effect, bonus benefit
1. The implementation of the terminal training The person is the core of GST model. In many years of the health industry operation ,UK-GST has gathered a large number of professional health industry elites. These elites include a terminal training team which has rich medical and professional literacy, leaded by senior doctors from the top three hospitals.
2. The implementation of the product effect Strength witnesses charm. Effect creates a great sensation. UK-GST with GST model focuses on making customer experience, and hosts the “enzyme talent show” PK competition and the “enzyme talent show” training camp throughout the country. There is not only rich format incentives, but the emulate of customers who have witnessed this model .
3.The implementation of the bonus benefit In GST model: no boss, or every one is the boss. Each participator can gain profit depending on their market performance. They can gain bonus not only from a single set of product but based on incentives. If you are one of the top three regional performance shareholders, you will share percentage bonus and cash back of total number of quarterly sale profit in their region. Other shareholders will divide the remaining bonus according to the sale proportion, details, please contact us.
Four Systems: start system, pre-selling system, store-sale system, bonus system
1. Start system
In the past, the boss forced the workers to achieve sales goal in the health industry. In UK-GST, even if you don't want to join in, the staff will beg for you to cooperate with them. The model belongs to “money in class” in GST. The agents enjoy the preferential treatment of quality goods at a low price. The team can get generous commission directly, which awaking the money desire of every sale staff fully.
2.Pre-selling system
Change your role from the seller to the customer. We share health and establish trust from the perspective of customers. The system will form the explosive performance growth, change the overstocking of inventory and the trouble of cash flow.
3. Store-sale system
“No promotion, no sale” is a common problem in the healthy industry. To protect each partner's profit, UK-GST implements the national unified pricing mechanism, which avoids a price war among regions. In addition, UK-GST starts the system of “sales of President-signing”. This system helps customers increase good feeling and establish emotion.
4. Bonus system
Each partner has a feeling of participation with the mechanism of equal bonus. Meanwhile, it creates infinite possibilities for building the “all for one and one for all” platform.
5. Five guarantees: quality, team, training, implement,win-win model
All guarantees for a pledge: sell out, sell well.