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The global operation center of Guohai pharmaceutical grade enzyme is located in the Xiamen which is called a garden on the sea.

UK - GST is the abbreviation of Xiamen optimal guest venture investment management co., LTD. All the members are senior operators of the China big health industry . UK - GST is a professional organization which currently focus on building the consolidation of the big health industry

Since the company was founded, it had served many domestic healthy institutions .It had listed by the comprehensive planning, integration, promotion successfully .

In 2015, the company integrated creatively the business model of the China health industry capital operation, GST business model, by many years of operation experience in mature big health industry projects. The company is trusted and expected by the chairman Mr. Zhu Renkuan. Mr. Xuyao as the team leader of GST business model is sincerely invited and hired as the president of health division. Xuyao is in charge of and promote the planning and operation of Guohai(China pharmaceutical grade enzyme) global operation center .